Partner Yoga

Strengthen Your Muscles With Relationship. Partner Yoga - Uniting Souls

Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means union and partner yoga aims at uniting two souls, mind and body. With partner yoga you will experience an eternal fitness along with a deepen relationship with your loved one. You don't have to be experienced in yoga to perform this. What you need is a willing partner or spouse or friend or relative and listen to your body. Mostly people are often unable to achieve some yoga pose on our own, as its difficult to keep balance due to our unfit structure. By holding onto another partner, we are getting that support needed to achieve those pose.
It is practised using two people in various poses, some of which are partner-assisted stretches while others are mutually benefitting to both. Although it is a great form of increasing intimacy between couples, it is not limited to people who are romantically involved. Any willing partner- friends, relatives, fitness buddy or even kids can perform these asana. What differentiates partner yoga from ordinary yoga is the sensation of touch- we touch others as well as is touched by others.

It is a great way to improve communication, intimacy and fitness among couples, friends, relatives and even kids through yoga asana that have been designed keeping these benefits in mind.

Some benefits of this form of yoga are follows:

  • Nurturing relationships: Practicing with life partner helps in bringing us closer emotionally and deepen the connection that was lost. Trust is an important factor in maintaining the balance as one partner's body weight is used to maintain pressure on the other. This is a great way to increase faith and support for each other
  • Creating moments: Practising with loved ones creates moments of intimacy, playfulness, laughter and trust through the poses. It strengthens verbal and non-verbal communication. Partners start working through issues. Partners serve as the mirror to each other for that perfect alignment. Getting all sweaty with your life partner will produce endorphins and uplift your mood. You can try poses with a blind-fold and get all creative
  • Power of touch: Partner yoga is about touch and stretch. It is not about intimate touch, but the pleasant touch. Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of touch however therapeutic touch relieves pain and also increases our body's awareness
  • Team-building exercise: It is a great team-building exercise as we share our movements with our partner. It develops coordination between people, and also encourages team-building spirit. We need to trust each other to maintain balance in the postures and also maintaining synchronisation. While learning yoga we also learn about team spirit and how stronger we can be together than performing individually
  • Traditional advantages: It has all the traditional advantages of a yoga in building muscles and maintaining fitness. It increases lung capacity as well as stretches the torso. Long term practitioners have reported musculoskeletal and mental health improvements

Its always the right time to start Yoga and Drive Transformation in your life.

Partner Yoga Timings:
  • 07:15 PM to 08:15 PM
Partner Yoga Fee Structure:
  • One time Registration Fee INR ₹700
  • Duration:   Approx. 1 Hours
  • Single Session:   INR ₹500
  • Ten Days:   INR ₹1,700
  • Monthly:    INR ₹3,300
  • Quarterly:   INR ₹8,900
  • Six Month:   INR ₹14,400
  • Yearly:   INR ₹21,600

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