Vishnu Thawani, 53 years, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Ailment:  Chronic pain in joints legs , Depressed

Feedback: I joined Yoga Peace from last one year and when I joined I was very frustrated due to acute stage of intolerable pain in Joint Legs & depressed as doctor Anoop Jhurane of Fortis Hospital has advised for Knee replacement. I have tried for treatment in Jaipur &also tried some doctors from outside the Jaipur & taken the medicines, but didn’t feel any relief. Then one of my friend Mr Kishore Agrawal advised me to consult Shri Dhakaramji in Yoga Peace. Then I joined YogaPeace. Initially I didn’t feel much relief in my pain for 3-4 months. One day I read in a book, that in China there is found a Bamboo tree, which is not grow upto 4 years, but in next six month extreme growth can be seen in this tree. 
One of the poet Raheem said that ‘Dheere Dheere Remna Dheere sab kuch hoye,mali seeche sau Gharha Ritu aav Phal Hoye” Jaipur from Shri Dhakharamji in Yogapeace. Today I feel very positive to say that I am coming from last one year &I feel my one Knee is 100% cured &other Knee is also 80%cured. I am having sound sleep &good thoughts &feeling my life very happy. I am really thankful to Dhakaram Sir and his entire team for giving full support for making such change in my life.