Sandeep Kapoor


  • Ailment: I.B.S. Problem, Eye Dryness, Pain in Hand

I was suffering with knee ligament and I.B.S problem for last one year. I consulted the doctor and took medicines but nothing has worked out then someone in my family told me about YogaPeace. I joined here and got relief from day one and getting better and better day by day.

YogaPeace is AMAZING. I have learned more about my mind and body since then I joined YogaPeace. Guru Ji is truly the best! So great to him. His warm and compassionate presence and his skill as a teacher and therapist have given me a new sense of attunement with my body and helped me in the practice of turning self judgement into genuine curiosity and open heartedness both in my yoga practice and in life. He creates such a safe, comfortable container and I am able to feel authentically ME when I am working with him. He really guides you in going deep into the layers of yourself and finding places of stillness, awareness and compassion. If anyone looking to open some space within themselves, explore mindfulness and mind/body connection, and go deep. I highly recommend anyone with a curiosity about yoga therapy to give YogaPeace a try!

Must visit once at yogapeace.


Sandeep Kapoor, 35 Years, Jaipur