Prem Narayan Saini, 36 yrs, Jaipur

Ailment: Sciatica

Feedback: I am a national level player representing Rajasthan in Weight Lifting. In the year 2012 I got sciatica in both my legs and the ailment was so severe that I would not be able to stand on my feet for more than ten seconds. I was fed up of my life as my career as a weight lifter was going to be ruined. I heard my coach saying someone about me that I had become physically handicap and would not be able to pursue my career as a weight lifter. I was shattered after listening such words about me. I left no stone unturned to get my ailment treated but to get no positive result.
One fortunate day a friend of mine told me about Yoga Peace Center for yoga. I visited the place and met Guru Dhakaramji .He listened all my problems attentively and gave me hope that I was going to be fine very soon. I followed all the instructions and practiced all the yoga asana under the well trained teachers of Yoga Peace. To my utter surprise I was up to fifty percent okay within a month. I took yoga therapy for continuous three months. I am happy, healthy, fit and fine today all set to begin my career again. I represented Rajasthan in weight lifting in the year 2016 which was organized in Tamilnadu and all the credit goes to great Guru Dhakaramji and his team. I am highly grateful to him for his love ,support and guidance and adding a golden chapter to my life.