Pratima Kaviraj, 61 yrs, Jaipur

Ailment: Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Thyroid

Feedback: My name is Mrs. Pratima Kaviraj.  My age is 61 years. I am a mother of a son and a daughter. Everything was going fine in my life. My elder daughter living in U.S.A. was expecting her first child in 2008 and my son I.T. Engineer had got campus placement in WIPRO Delhi.
Our world came crashing with sudden death of my 52 years old husband a diabetic (not very disciplined but managing on medication).
Reason told to us was fluctuation of sugar from high to very low.
Since then my children became paranoid about my health as within 2 months of husband’s death I contracted diabetes, hypertension and thyroid.

To cut a long story short my daughter had seen her parents-in-law practicing this Iyengar Yoga for many years and getting huge benefits. So during her 2 months visit to India she googled and discovered this place “YogaPeace”.
My first impression of the place was Wow nice place. It had strange kinds of ropes and chairs and beds. The whole place had a very spiritual and professional look with right kind of greenery posters of Guruji in various intricate forms of yoga and calming sound of chanting of OM all the time.
Someone told to meet Guruji Shri Dhakaram ji. They said he assesses the patient and recommends what all exercise to be done.

My first encounter with Guruji what a grand personality He listened patiently. Let the tears flow.  He kept absorbing all information and noting down his comments. My regime began with various asana with the help of props very simple and elementary but very effective. It is amazing what all can be done with ropes, planks, chairs and bricks.

Have just completed two months of training here called therapy classes and what an amazing experience. My flexibility has increase multifold and in just two months my sugar test has revealed towered considerably. My general physician is so happy with my results. He has reduced the dose by half. My B.P. is coming normal and I have never felt so happy and healthy before. All thanks to Guruji. He is so energetic and full of action and concerned about every student. They also run aerobics class for younger students and also meditation yoga class separately.

He has a team of highly dedicated staff. Every individual is given personal assistance. Heard he has an army of discipline when he has trained. He is constantly on the move running the whole shav so efficiently and with a smile and hug for everyone. His numerous trophies, newspaper cutting are a proof but biggest proof is testimonials which are from his students who have benefitted deeply by attending his classes. Have plenty of stories whomever I have talked to tell how they are benefitted by attending the course here. I see children with physical deformities getting better, obese people, a paralytic person who could not been speak now cured and working as a teacher here. The stories are endless.
It is a pleasure to watch Guruji’s father and mother coming here to exercise. Incidentally, his age is 97 years old and still very active.

To sum it up joining yoga for peace has changed my life drastically. I look forward every day to rush here and spend my two and a half hour performing various asanas. I have lost two and a half weight in last 2 months. Guruji could diagnose my problem of acute acidity just by checking my palms. This magician just worked on my naval for 5 minutes and I am almost cured.

This is straight from my heart and would recommend you just try it once. You will never regret it.