Natsuk Yamad, Japan

Feedback: I came to Jaipur for work from Japan, but i also wanted to practice yoga and found yoga peace on the internet. I was only walking for a place when i could practice aasan regularly during my stay but i had the known to take private lessons from Mr. Dhakaram, and I'm so glad. I had been practicing yoga asana for many years but I discovered that there are endless things you can do and improve in each asana and also learned so much about my body. This was possible because Mr. Dhakaram showed and explained to me how to do each asana and corrected my posture. I was also able to learn that there is so much more to yoga than just aasan. After the private lessons, I attended regular classes when i was able to practice pranayama. I also attended Sunday teacher's training to discover the philosophical side of yoga during my stay, everyone at yoga peace were very nice and friendly. I always felt welcomed. I regret staying here for only one and half week, but i would definitely like to come back soon to learn more from Mr. Dhakaram and hopefully in the future to share what I have learned with people in Japan. Thank you and see you soon