Manju Bhutra, 60 yrs, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Ailment: Asthma, Hernia, Knee pain, Bend in legs

Feedback: I visited the center followed by severe asthma, hernia and knee pain which was not relieved by high doses of allopathic medicines. I could not even sit on the floor .My life was miserable. But miracle happened in my life after joining Yoga Peace. I am taking yoga therapy since last ten months at Yoga Peace and I am happy to say that my asthma and knee pain has almost vanished. I am leading an excellent life. The wonder is that now I can sit on the floor with my legs folded and practice yoga with great ease. The environment at the center is very peaceful and homely full of positive vibrations. The teachers are well trained. Guru Shree Dhakaramji takes personal care of each client. Thanks to the entire team of Yoga Peace. I am feeling very special being a part of Yoga Peace family.