Itika Sharma, 15 yrs, Jaipur

Ailment : Slip disk

Feedback: My daughter’ name is Itika Sharma and her age is fifteen and half years .She is a lawn tennis player since last seven years. I am proud to say that she has won bronze medal in school level competitions and has been able to create a good repo in national level competitions also. Her aim is to participate in international competitions in future.
Since before last year Itika was knocked down by slip disk and according to doctors ‘opinion she would never be able to back on tennis court and pursue her career in lawn tennis. They suggested her to say good bye to tennis which was very disheartening and frustrating for her. Among all this the coach of Itika showed a ray of hope by suggesting her to go to Yoga Peace and take the opinion of yogacharya Shri Dhakaram ji who is a master of his field and has given new life to many of his clients. I am glad to share that by the dedicated and positive efforts of Guruji now Itika is again back to the tennis court with new vigor and enthusiasm. For a sports person it is like getting a new beginning of her sport life after being completely hopeless. I am sure that with grace and guidance of Guruji one day Itika would represent India on international level.