Dr. Aparna Pareek

Feedback: My memorable experience of Yoga Peace I take this opportunity to write my experiences at Yoga Peace with great pleasure. These experiences will remain memorable throughout my life. The very objective and aim of Yoga Peace Centre is to make the people of varied age group physically fit, healthy and cheerful; for which simple devices, equipments are used under the supervision and guidance of Yoga Guru Shri Daka Ramji. Shri Dhakaram Ji is the founder of this centre and actively engaged with his young team of male and female yoga instructors at Subhash Nagar Jaipur. What made me to Join Yoga Peace ? Since Long I was feeling uncomfortable while walking and sleeping having pain in my legs. In the mean time my elder sister Dr. (Mrs.) Neelu Sharma and my father Prof L K Pareek advised me to join with them in order to attend Yoga Peace Centre. I am regularly attending the course carried out by the centre since last more than two months.

My Experience, relief and other observations : My said ailments and disorder started gradually improving and I feel myself relatively much better these days. Moreover, the activeness, working efficiency and cheerfulness is restored. I am extremely happy to note the hard work, sincerity and devotion of the entire team which is working with missionary zeal. I found the visitors including small children, young girls and boys and old age citizens having varied type of chronic physical ailments who are improving with full of satisfaction. It is also quite surprising that simple equipments like cords, belts, mats, wooden bricks, wooden boxes and sand bags are used in different Asans during the performance. Moreover, the leadership of Yoga Guru Shri Dhakaranji is full of qualities and positiveness. He is a fine gentleman to whom I pay my respectful compliments. The other experienced gurus like Shri Shailendra Ji, Shri Sumer ji, Shri Veeru Ji, Ganesh Sir, Madam Deepti Ji, Sita Ji, Lakshmi Ji and sweet Jenny also deserves my full appreciation of respect for their sincere devotion towards all. My good wishes for a bright future of the centre and its founder Shri Dhakaram Sir and his team. Hope the centre will continuously serve the humanity for its betterment.