Aastha Agrawal

My first visit to Guruji was recommended by a friend for my 6 year old son who had "dharan". He had been on allopathic medication for over 10 days but to no improvement, however, to my utter surprise, Guruji made him absolutely fit & fine within 2 days. 

This is when me and my husband became his instant fans for life. We've seen and been to a lot of Yoga centres, but this place is truly magical. The entire team under the able guidance of DHAKARAM Guruji is just brilliant, they give each person and their problems so much attention.

They cured my 10 year old cervical spondylitis pain that used to re-occur every now and then, within 3 days. Can you believe that?

You can not go out of "Yoga Peace" or "Ekam Yoga centre" without getting cured, I can vouch for that.